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Geometric Full Face Helmet – Children


Helmets: Are they REALLY that important?

The brain is quite possibly the most important part of the body. It controls whether or not we breathe, our heartbeat and how we think, reason, make judgments, see, feel, hear, move and so much more.

So, it would make sense to protect something that important, right?

The brain of a child is constantly learning, changing and growing. This is why it’s especially important to protect them. A bad hit to the head could result in what’s called a “traumatic brain injury.” 

A “bad” hit to the head doesn’t have to be a hard one to inflict traumatic damage that can be permanent, so it’s best to avoid hits as much as possible.

Geometric Helmet Road R7

  • Quick-dry padding
  • A polycarbonate micro shell lined with EPS foam to create an ultra lightweight helmet
  • The helmet complies with the CE EN 1078 safety standard
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Lameda Push Bikes Full Face Helmets – Kids


What is this good for?
✔︎ Push Bikes
✔︎ Cycling

✔︎ Kids Scooter

Speciality (PC+EPS Material)
✔︎ Anti-collision 

✔︎ Light Weight (395g)
✔︎ Durable

Estimated delivery times 7-14 days


geometrci helmet

GEOMETRIC Helmet All Track

  • In-mould technology
  • Internal and external ventilation channels with 15 openings
  • Visor with quick release system
  • Adjustable dial with precision interlocking
  • Adjustable jaws and straps

INBIKE Bike Helmet with lens 19 Vents MX-9

Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Integrated mould with build-in keel tech guarantees safety
  • 19 optimised vents balance aerodynamic performance without compromising ventilation
  • Lens with magnet,Increase visual effects
  • Easy-to-adjust webbing ensures a comfortable fit

Estimated delivery times 7-14 days



RM150.00 RM99.00
  • 25 vents could provide optimum air ventilation beside minimize wind drag
  • Lens with magnet. Easy access to put on the lens
  • Integrated molding, fully protection to head 
  • Back head circumference adjusting device allow you ajusting the tightness of the bike helmet slightly
  • Removeable lining could absorb sweat.