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  • This bike CO2 pump contains a patented push button, easier and quicker to inflate the tire with one hand operation.
  • Fit for both Presta & Schrader valves, no valve head switching needed. Not compatible with valve extenders.
  • Provide a safe and durable surface with high quality CNC aluminum alloy with durable and precise parts.
  • Lightweight and portable for easy storage. So you can have a safe and enjoyable ride.
  • Small but powerful, mounts perfectly on your bike frame with the supplied bracket and velcro strap, or can be easily stored in a bike bag.
Floor PumpFloor Pump

GEOMETRIC Plastic Floor Pump 120psi

  • Presta and Schrader valve compatible
  • Stable wide base plate with large grip
  • Wide, comfortable handle
  • Hose clip for tidy storage
  • 120 PSI capacity

GEOMETRIC Floor Pump Aluminium W/Gauge 160Psi

  • Ergonomic handle for better performance
  • Reversible presta and schrader
  • High-Mounted easy reading gauge
  • 6063 aluminum barrel
  • High pressure – easily fill bike tires up to 160 PSI (11 Bar). Feel its power in every stroke
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INBIKE 300psi High Pressure Shock Mini Portable Bicycle Pump IQ810

RM118.00 RM98.00
  • You can pump up the tire or shock absorber
  • Removable Piezometer
  • Anti-scratch rubber cap
  • Aluminum alloy body: high strength, light weight, long life
  • Bleed Air Valve Button: you can cope with the air pressure is too much, 2-3 PSI can be released by each pressing
  • Transform pump mouth of Schrader valve and presta valve
  • Portable design, small size, can be installed on the bicycle frame

INBIKE Bike Floor Pump with Gauge 160 PSI S16318

Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • PRESSURE GAUGE DESIGN – This bike pump has been built for PSI precision,accurate and large enough to easily read from a standing position
  • LONG BARREL STABLE BASE – The long metal barrel allows more air to be pushed through with each pump making it easier and faster to pump. Stable, durable base and oversized handle make this floor pump easy to inflate tire to high pressure of 160 PSI
  • TWO VALVES – This pump has a simple valve head which easily accepts Presta and Schrader valves.(The Presta and Schrader valves are included the package)
  • HIGH PRESSURE – Easily fill bike tires up to 160 PSI (11 Bar). Feel its power in every stroke.
  • RUBBER HOSE – The long hose is made of rubber, it’s durable, heat resistant and antifreeze.

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INBIKE high pressure mini bike pump 110PSI

  • Changeable Size: Hidden inner tube makes the length adjustable and makes it much easier to grab the pump and use it.
  • Mere 132.5g weight, maximum pressure 110PSI good for road vehicles, mountain bikes and BMX bicycles
  • Hidden hose design: extended hose, cleverly designed inside the cylinder, easy to accommodate, while avoiding damage to the trachea and valve
  • Aluminum alloy cylinder body: 7 series aluminum alloy material and CNC precise processing technology, high body strength of the cylinder, long service life and strong air tightness
  • Rubber dust cover: prevents rain and dust from entering the gas nozzle and ensures the normal operation of the gas nozzle
  • Compatible with Presta and Schrader valves

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INBIKE Mini Bicycle Pump WIth Gauge High Pressure 120PSI IQ310

Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • The body use high-quality engineering plastics, integrally-molded craft, durable and not leak.
  • With barometer, tire pressure can be visually displayed
  • Rubber dust proof cover, prevent the dust into the air nozzle to ensure that the gas nozzle normal work
  • The Schrader / presta nozzle , apply to road bike and  mountain bike.
  • Mini, light, portable: weighs only 105g, length only 15cm equivalent to IPHONE 7 PLUS size, easy to carry.

Estimated delivery times 7-14 days