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Geometric 2in1 Balance Bike


Exercise child’s balance

The balance car is one of the toys in the growing process of every child. Riding can help the child exercise his balance, develop his coordination and physical strength in a more comprehensive way, and exercise his reaction ability and flexibility in the process of play, making him more fond of sports.


GEOMETRIC 2in1 Children Bikes

RM199.00 RM179.00

Still remember the times when our parents bought us our very first bike? It was one of the most precious moments in our lives, and you can do the same for your kids. Our Geometric bicycle is a 2-in-1 children’s bike, a 3 wheel bike, and also a push bike. Not only can this bicycle grow alongside your kids, you can grow alongside them too, creating these precious moments on family day! Start creating memories today.


  • 2in1 (Children bike | Push Bike)
  • Quick release button

Suitable For

  • 2-6 years old
3/4 bib short

GEOMETRIC 3/4 Tight Bib

  • Elastic seams for an enhanced fit
  • New Moisture Evacuation 3D Gel Pad
  • Reflective Elements logo provides low-light safety
  • Simple Black
  • Ideal for medium and longer rides

Geometric Ant / Bee Design Children Bike


Benefits of long term riding on a balanced bike

The balance car movement is called volitional movement by the medical profession, through the whole body muscle movement, makes the body in the active relaxed state, promotes the cerebellum development thus promotes the brain to develop, improves the intelligence. Riding a balanced bike can build a beautiful body shape. Children who ride for a long time can be 5-10 cm taller than children of the same age. Long term riding balance bike can exercise balance and nerve reflex ability, shoulders, legs, limbs, feet, wrist to get a comprehensive exercise, enhance physical flexibility, skill.

mountain bike

GEOMETRIC Attitude Mountain Bike


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Who is this good for?
✔︎ Beginners
✔︎ Intermediate

What’s so special about this?
✔︎ Up to 10 speeds
✔︎ Shimano Deore XT (Rear Derailleur)

Why should you buy this?
✔︎ Affordable, but not forgoing quality
✔︎ Free gifts (Pedal + Helmet)

More information
Shimano has over 90 years of history of constantly developing cutting-edge technologies and products, meeting the global demand for superior quality bicycle components.

GEOMETRIC Children Elbow & Knee Pads

  • Suitable for skateboard, biking, mini bike riding and so forth
  • The sponge offers good buffering, can better protect kid’s safety
  • Adjustable size to fit on most kids
  • Knee and elbow pads are kept in place with two elastic hook & loop straps


  • This bike CO2 pump contains a patented push button, easier and quicker to inflate the tire with one hand operation.
  • Fit for both Presta & Schrader valves, no valve head switching needed. Not compatible with valve extenders.
  • Provide a safe and durable surface with high quality CNC aluminum alloy with durable and precise parts.
  • Lightweight and portable for easy storage. So you can have a safe and enjoyable ride.
  • Small but powerful, mounts perfectly on your bike frame with the supplied bracket and velcro strap, or can be easily stored in a bike bag.

Geometric Folding Scooter BW-1308


For kids aged less than 6 years, a three wheel toy is a must whether you are buying a normal or an powered one, although the latter are better for older kids only. The three wheels as opposed to two provide better stability which is essential for a kid this young as they cannot balance themselves. The additional wheel is usually on the front and the rear wheel is made wide to match this stability. For this reason, the deck is also wider as compared with two wheeled models.
You will often read the term lean to steer for these toys for kids. It means that your son or daughter will have to lean to turn the thing and the handlebar plays no role in this. This technique is there to improve support as well as their intuition about directions. Children as young as 2 years old can scoot, so parents should buy them these toys because they are fun and help improve their walking and balancing.

  • Folding Mode
  • Head and Wheel LED Light
  • Radio (Adjustable Speaker Volume)